We're on a Mission...

The purpose of Unite Against Bullies is to terminate bullying not just in our communities, but across the nation. We want to provide students with the knowledge and tools needed to prevent and stop bullying as well as create a comfortable school climate. We are on a mission to create unity in our school systems, eliminating bullying one school at a time. We refuse to continue to live in communities where bullying and mean behavior is tolerated. We are stomping out bullying, one presentation at a time!

Are you being bullied?
If you are being bullied, please know you are not alone. About 77% of children are bullied in America each day. Don't keep quiet about your struggles…please tell a friend, parent, teacher, principal or any adult you trust. There is something you can do. Check out the 5 TIPS page and put your plan into action.
Remember to be a friend to others that need your help. Take a stand against bullying. Your voice can help us put an end to bullying, and create a better tomorrow for those younger than us.

My mission is to use UAB to give a voice to the thousands of kids who are harassed or bullied at school. I hope to encourage community leaders, parents and teachers to take a stand. We can end this vicious cycle of bullying now!

My Mission

Bulling is on the rise across America. I was bullied and I know the pain that it causes. Promoting UAB is very dear to my heart...no one should feel the way I did in school. We need to stop looking at bullying as a ‘rite of passage’ and respond to all cases immediately with zero tolerance policies. 

Why Bullying?
Interested in being a part of the UAB team? Email me at info@uniteagainstbulliestoday.com to learn more about getting started in your community. We'd love to have your help as we continue to stomp out bullying!
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