Dear Parents,
  It is vital our nation seek a viable solution to bullying in schools. It is time our nation look at bullying as more than just an unfair right of passage, but as a serious issue that requires immediate attention. There is no time like the present to focus on implementing early intervention programs that educate and provide practical ways to overcome the issue of bullying. We need to take action now to make sure all schools create and enforce a zero tolerance bullying policy. We all know that bullying exists, but we continue to down play it or ignore it. Early intervention, teamwork, and effective disciplinary action are key to terminating bullying in our society. Join me in the fight to stomp out bullying!
                Logan West
                Miss Teen USA 2012

Every seven minutes a child is bullied. 85% of the time no one is there to intervene. Everyone in a community suffers from bullying. We need to be the ones to change the way our nation looks and handles bullying. We need to be the change and the voice for our youth and the youth of tomorrow.

Parent Page
Unite Against Bullies'
*Parent Pledge*
 As a parent, I parent pledge to keep myself and my child aware of our school's bullying policies. I pledge to encourage positive behavior, valuing differences, and promoting sensitivity to others. I will work with parents and faculty to help the school deal with bullying and I will support those who have been or are subjected to bullying. I will regularly discuss my child's feelings about schoolwork, friendship, and relationships. I pledge to make my child's environment a "bully free zone". I pledge to help keep my child Bull Proof!
Did You Know?
  •  Every 7 minutes a child is bullied.
  • 83% of students say watching bullying makes them uncomfortable
  • Young children that are bullied report symptoms of depression and a loss of interest in activities
  • Victims of bullying appear to have adjustment difficulties